Wednesday, 19 December 2012

November Favourites

So I'm a bit late of the mark for this post but once again, time has just flown by this month!

So here are the products that I really enjoyed using throughout the month of November.

 It was difficult this month to condense the number down to a few faves as there were so many I enjoyed using this month. November sees the beginning of the 'party season' which normally means lots of outings and different make up looks.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

I used to be quite loyal to my foundation, using Mac's Pro Longwear as a staple part of my daily make up. But in the last couple of months I have enjoyed trying new foundations, and seeing what works best for me. When I heard about Maybelline's new Fit Me range, including a gel foundation, I had to try it. At £7.99, it's an absolute bargain and has several colours so you get the perfect match for your skin tone. I got mine in number 210 which is Sandy Beige. It wears really well and last all day. 

Bobbi Brown's Creamy Corrector

I've wanted this corrector for such a long time, so I bought it in duty free when I went on holiday recently. I absolutely love this product. It absolutely does what it says on the tin, covering all blue tones from under the eye and leaves that area looking so fresh and bright. I use this along with the Bobbi Brown concealer, and the two together are an unbeatable combination.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I'd heard a lot about this mascara so when I found it on offer on Look Fantastic's website for £13.60, I snapped it up! I have not stopped using this mascara since. It's amazing! It really separates the lashes and if you curl them as well, gives amazing length. For a fuller look I still reach for my YSL Shocking mascara, normally when I'm going out. I love this product, it's great and I'll definitely be repurchasing.

Unite 7 Seconds Detangler

This product is literally a hair miracle, I can't live without it. Please Unite, never discontinue it! :) I use this product after washing my hair. It just takes a few sprays on to towel dried damp hair, leave for 7 seconds, and then brush through. My hair gets really tangled, and it used to be a nightmare to brush. This spray makes it so much easier.

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Body Lotion

I think most of us are depressed when winter sets in and our summer tans are slowly evaporating. It means we have to work so much harder to look bronzed and drag out all our fake tanning products. I love using this moisturiser but I usually just use it in summer to top up my existing tan. This winter I've been using this as a base daily tan and I love it. It gives a subtle glow which can then be built to a deeper intensive tan for a night out.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

It's no secret that the Revlon lip butters are an absolute fave of mine. My lips get quite dry and I love how moisturising these are! I have them in several colours, but I have been loving wearing their red shade called 'Candy Apple'. It's a lighter red and has a slight gloss to it. It lasts so well on the lips and looks especially great with a tan. I couldn't stop wearing this while I was on holiday.

Top: Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple /  Bottom: Mac Lustreglass in Flusterose

MAC Lustreglass

I’m normally not a big gloss fan, I usually only use a lipstick on my lips. I saw a swatch of this gloss and thought it looked absolutely gorgeous. It is a light pink gloss with glitter and sparkles in it and really does shine on the lips. It isn’t sticky at all which is great as I hate that with lip glosses. I wore this recently over Mac’s Creme Cup lipstick and they looked so pretty together. Definitely a big fan of this gloss.   

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish

This is another purchase I picked up in Duty Free recently. I actually wanted the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter, but it was out of stock so I picked this up instead. I am SO glad I did, I love it. I use the shade Soft and Gentle which is perfect with just the right amount of shimmer. I use this as a cheek highlight and it gives the makeup look a gorgeous finish. I can’t stop using this, it’s great.

Essie Nail Varnish

I am loving this colour by Essie at the moment, it’s quite an opaque grey colour, and only needs one coat to look great. It’s in the colour Miss Fancy Pants and even though Essie can be a little more expensive that other varnishes they are so worth it. I find these nail colours really last on my nails and rarely chip. I’ve been wearing this colour so much recently as it’s so wintry and goes with anything.  

So there are my November favourites. Sorry they’re so late, it won’t be long till we’re discussing Decembers, and I have so many already! J Have you tried any of these products? What are your current beauty faves?
Monday, 3 December 2012

November Glossybox

So this months Glossy Box is entitled 'Stocking Fillers' with some lovely little treats inside.

I must admit, when I saw the name 'Stocking Fillers' I expected the samples to be a little more affordable than a normal months box. This really isn't the case with a couple of the products, I class £5 - £15 as a stocking filler max! But anyway, it's still a good box regardless. Here's what was in it:

Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream

Olay have introduced this product in to their already popular Regenerist line, which boasts to be fragrance free and kinder on the skin. I quite like this cream, although I do feel like it lies on top of my skin more than other moisturisers. 

Wei Beauty Jujube Age Control Serum

The first thing that struck me about this sample is the cute little packaging, I thought it was really sweet. This anti ageing serum also helps to reduce redness in the skin tone. I have given this sample to my mum to try, and awaiting her verdict. 

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter

I really liked this body butter, it smells gorgeous, is a lovely consistency for massaging in to the skin, and leaves my skin feeling great. This sample is the perfect size for travelling, and has gone straight in to my travel case for future nights away.

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat

I was excited to see this in the box this month after using Sally Hansen's Nail Shine Miracle for so long. This seems slightly longer to dry than Sally Hansen's top coat, but just as efficient. My nails didn't chip for days! All in all, I will probably give the full size version a go after finishing this. 
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This was definitely my favourite product this month. This powder formula turns in to a paste when mixed with water, then gently rubbed over your face leaves it feeling great and incredibly soft. I really like this product but am teetering on whether to buy it again for one reason... the smell! I really don't like it, it smells like dissolvable paracetamol when you drink one, and I never drink them as they make me feel really sick, bleurgh! Since this is purely psychological, i may give it another go! :)

What did you get in Novembers Glossybox? Not long till Decembers now! Excited for the christmas box!  
Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Budget Caviar Manicure

While in Superdrug picking up some last minute holiday essentials with my friend, we spotted the MUA Nail Constellations

These are the perfect budget solution to Ciate's Caviar Manicure. I picked them up in the colour Gemini to test, and I must say, they didn't disappoint. The price difference is amazing, MUA costing a mere £3 compared to Ciate's £18! Although with Ciate's version you do get a matching nail varnish, which you don't with MUA. But any nail varnish works great with these beads. 

I chose to use an Essie nail polish in the colour Bahama Mama. I was really impressed with how easy this manicure was to apply. I envisioned a messy affair, but it was reasonably quick and easy! 

I started by painting my nail with the nail polish, then sprinkled the Nail Constellations all over my nail until it was completely covered. I shook off the excess then moved on to the next nail while it dried. After a couple of minutes, I pressed slightly on the beads to ensure they were all stuck fast.

I really love the finished result, I think they look great, and for the price, it's fantastic! I sprinkled the beads on to my nail over a bowl, that way you can pour the unused beads back in to the bottle. There's enough beads for dozens of applications. I will definitely be purchasing some other colours, they look great for the christmas party season!

Has anyone ever tried either the MUA or Ciate version? One things for sure, I'm definitely sold on the Caviar Manicure.

Chanel's Christmas Collection

I'm back!!! I haven't blogged for a couple of months now due to various reasons. I went on holiday and things were just crazy busy! But I'm back, and have plenty to blog about coming in to the Christmas season!

So every Christmas we all like to shop a bit more than usual, whether it be treating yourself or your loved ones. One thing I look forward to is seeing all the new collections come out for winter.

This year I am loving Chanel's winter collection, it's full of really deep vibrant colours. I'm a big fan of Chanel make up anyway, their products are always really well packaged and last really well on my skin.

There are a few items I would like to try out of this range. I did have a sneak peek when I was in Selfridges last week with a friend, but resisted the temptation to buy anything just yet.

I think these two items might be my favourite from the collection. Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in the shade 307 L'impatiente, and the Le Vernis Nail Polish in the shade 637 Malice. I love the deep shade of the nail polish, it's the perfect colour for winter. And the lip colour is normally a bit too dark for me, I don't tend to suit really dark plum colours, but a quick swatch showed me that this lip colour is very wearable.

My other two favoured items are the Regard Signe de Chanel eyeshadow quad in Harmonie Dusoir, and the Joues Contrast Blush in shade 73 Star Dust. The eye shadows are all really wearable and such gorgeous colours. They have a slight shimmer to them making it the perfect quad for the party season. I really like the packaging as it comes with a little mirror and two applicators. The blush is a lovely light pinky/peach shade, which looks lovely on winter skin when we're all slightly less tanned. Again, the packaging is really nice and comes complete with a little blush brush.

So these are just four items from the winter collection which are my personal favourites. As we all know, Chanel isn't cheap, so I'm trying to decide which one to treat myself to. After all, it is Christmas! :) Which Christmas collection is your favourite this year?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mini Boots and Superdrug Haul

I headed in to town to celebrate a friends birthday last friday and ended up having an hour to kill before meeting her. Only one place for it... Boots! So after some browsing (and a majorly long time at the new Ojon stand) I picked up a few items.

I am really enjoying using this hand creme since purchasing it. It is an incredibly thick formula, therefore more of a night treatment for your hands. It smells gorgeous (reminds me of Christmas for some unknown reason), and i've really noticed a difference in my hands. I smooth this over just before bed time and wake up with lovely soft hands! Perfect.

I fell in love with this colour as soon as I saw it. It's so pretty, I had to have it. I think it'll be perfect for an autumn pink as it's a darker plummy shade. I applied two coats and that seemed perfect. I wore this for 4 days, and didn't even chip even without a top coat. I can see myself wearing this colour a lot this autumn.

I was very excited to see Ojon finally had a stand in Boots. After talking to the rep and trying some products out, myself and my friend were sold on this brand. I've been wanting to try there products for a long time, so this was a welcome opporutnity. I have written a full review with my thoughts on both these products, so if you would like to read more on these, you can do so here.

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

This product truly is a wonder. We've all been at the point where our nail varnish is chipping, but we just can't be bothered having to sit down with nail polish remover and several cotton pads to take it off. Well this makes life soooo much easier. As it says in the title, this product is truly 'magic'! You basically put your finger in the hole, twist it a couple of times, pull it out, and hey presto... no nail varnish. I literally had my nails "varnish free" within 30 seconds! Wow!

MUA eyeshadow 
Lastly, i just picked up this eyeshadow from MUA. I wanted a really bright white colour for the inner corners of my eyes for a particular look I wanted. I got this in Shade 1, Pearl. It's such a bright shimmery colour and really brightens up the eye area. And for a £1 who can argue?

So that's it for my mini haul this time. Really enjoying using all these products at the moment. Have you tried any? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse Review

I've heard a lot about Ojon products and always wanted to try them. So I was very excited when Boots announced they would be stocking Ojon and a counter appeared in my local store.

Ojon oil originally comes from a nut which is grown on the Ojon tree deep in the rainforest. I like products which have a story behind them, it gives it personality, and I enjoy using them even more. You can read the Ojon story on their website here.

I went shopping with a friend and was very excited to see that Ojon finally had a stand in Boots. It's been on the website for a while now, but nothing beats browsing the products in person. We got talking to the lady on the counter who suggested some products from the damage reverse collection.

We tried the damage reverse oil on our hair and the results were instantaneous and it smelt so good! The oil was £22, but she offered us a free hair treatment worth £18 with our purchase, so we snapped up the offer.

I have been using the oil religiously every day and it really seems to tame and add shine to my hair. You take a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to slightly warm the oil, then apply it mostly to the ends of your hair.

You can use it as often as you like, and it doesn't leave the hair looking greasy at all. You only need a couple of drops of this product, so even though the initial price may seem steep, you won't be running out of it any time soon.

The product we got free was from the same line, but was a restorative hair treatment. You use this around once a month when you feel your hair really needs a boost. On initial look, you don't seem to get too much of it, I'd say enough for around 4 treatments. When it's rocking in at £18, I'd say it's a little pricey for what it does.

You take a teaspoon size at a time, and rub it between your hands until it melts completely in to an oil. You then distribute it throughout your whole hair including the scalp. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then wash your hair as normal.

Myself and my friend had different experiences with this product. I have quite thin, naturally straight hair and I actually really liked the finished result this product gave me. I felt my hair was shiny, had more volume and looked in generally good condition. I must admit, it was a nightmare to washout. I shampooed my hair 3 times, then used a small amount of conditioner. I didn't use a styling product afterwards, just my Unite 7 seconds detangler.

I asked my friend to write her thoughts on the product as her hair is much thicker than mine, here is her review:

I have long, thick hair that is extremely prone to frizz so I was excited to try the Ojon damage reverse restorative hair treatment. My first thought was that it was a little bit awkward to apply from the tub, and having such thick hair, it took a fair while to get complete coverage. I applied it to my hair and scalp and waited the 20 minutes as directed. After the allotted 20 minutes had past, I thoroughly rinsed my hair in the shower followed by a shampoo and condition. I left my hair to dry naturally over night. In the morning, I felt like my roots were a little greasy (similar to what you might have after a couple of days without washing your hair) but the ends of my hair were really well conditioned and soft. Although I did spend quite some rinsing out the treatment, I’m assuming because of the thickness of my hair I may need to rinse for even longer. Hopefully this will eradicate the greasy roots. I am definitely going to give it another whirl!

So I think our collective review for the restorative treatment is that we will definitely be finishing these pots and trying it again, would we repurchase? Hmmm... i'm not too sure yet.

In regards to the oil, yes, definitely love it and would purchase it over Argan oil any day.

Has anyone else tried any products from the damage reverse range? Or any Ojon product at all? What's your thoughts?

New Dressing Table

I've recently moved back in to my mum's house, trying to do the adult thing and save for a mortgage. Since moving home I am really missing the space I had in my flat in Manchester, my bedroom was humongous compared to the tiny box room I have at home! :(

I really wanted a dressing table, but my room is so small i needed to browse around. I eventually found one in my catalogue which is designed for small spaces, yay! I spent a FULL Sunday putting it together, (yes I am a DIY genius, not!). Here it is in all it's glory...

I have most of the skincare items I'm using or testing at the moment on top of my dresser, some are in a separate drawer or in the bathroom. I also keep my brushes in front of the mirror for easy access. I try and keep the top as clutter free as possible, anything I'm not using, goes in a separate drawer unit.

As well as skincare, I also keep makeup and eye makeup removers on top as I use them daily. I found this cute heart shaped glass dish at a car boot sale I went to with my mum a while ago for 20p! I think it looks lovely and fits my cosmetic pads in just nicely.

My brush holder is from Elf, it fits perfectly in front of my mirror and is a great size for holding all my brushes with plenty of room for new purchases! :) It has 3 compartments for Eyes, Lips and Face brushes. I also tend to keep things like my eyelash curlers, tweezers and my Duo eyelash glue in here, just for easy picking! For some reason in this picture I have a Pixi eye pencil in there too (not quite sure why, ha).

The big problem I had was with the drawers. Because its a slimline dresser, the drawers are much smaller, so no storage solutions would actually fit. As you can see at the moment I am using little boxes to separate my makeup, but eventually I would like to get some proper storage for it all. In my left hand drawer, I tend to keep all my lipsticks, lipglosses, powders, mascaras, eyeliners and my palettes. I tend to keep the products I use most often in my drawers and store the others elsewhere.

In the right hand drawer I tend to store my foundations, single eye shadows, bronzers, blushes, eyelashes, brow palettes and brush bags.

I try to keep it as tidy as possible, but it's hard when your trying to use different products and test different things out.

 So that's it for my dressing table, and once I get my storage solutions sorted it will be fab! I love having somewhere to sit down and do my make up and skincare.

Do you have a dressing table? Or do you have a different makeup storage idea?
Friday, 14 September 2012

Birthday Fun!

Sooo, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I had an amazing weekend with family and friends. My birthday fell on a Saturday this year which makes it even better (no work! Yay!). So I thought I'd quickly share with you some of the lovely presents I got from my nearest and dearest.

Here's the first few items; a water bottle off my mum for my gym/zumba sessions. You can put the middle part in the freezer so it keeps your drinks cool while working out (it's currently freezing away at home ready for tonight's aerobics session!). Perfect! Then off a couple of friends I got some sweets, a little cute purse and off my friend who I was recently a bridesmaid for, she got my favourite picture of her wedding day professionally printed and framed. Such a lovely idea! The book is off my mums partners mum (if that makes sense, ha). I have really been enjoying reading this series of books at the moment, so that was a thoughtful gift.

The biggest surprise gift was off my mum, she got me a Kindle Touch! Yay! I've wanted one for such a long time now as I read a lot, especially on my way to work and on long journeys. I hurriedly finished the book I was reading so I could get reading the next one on this! I also got a pink cover for it (pictured later).
My best friend spoilt me with a few of my beauty faves including the YSL Shocking mascara (LOVE this, better than the original YSL Effet Faux Cils by miles in my opinion) and MAC's All That Glitters eyeshadow for my palette (I've been wearing this nearly every day since she bought it me, such a cute colour). The clutch bag is from River Island and was a gift from another good friend. I love the style and colour. River Island bags are such good quality and always lovely designs. The After Eights were a yummy addition from my mum! :)

Also off my bestie (who knows how beauty/makeup mad I am), I got Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish starter kit complete with two muslin cloths. I love this cleanser, it's amazing. I've tried a lot of cleansers but this definitely wins the prize. It's definitely going to be a staple fixture in my skincare routine. She also bought me one of the Korres lip butters which I absolutely love. She bought me the Mandarin Lip Butter Stick in the shade Peach. It's such a pretty colour and perfect for day to day wear. They are so moisturising and really last on the lips.

I also got lots of other lovely presents from friends and family, including a boots giftcard (to feed my beauty addiction!), a ticket to watch my favourite football team Manchester City win the Charity Shield (c'mon city), a bottle of Martini Asti, accessories, lots of lovely cards and some money.

So all in all, got some lovely things, and had a great birthday celebrating in Manchester with cocktails, lovely food, a night in a gorgeous hotel and even better, spent it with some amazing people! :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Exciting New Product

So we've all heard of the new trend at the moment, 'ombre-ing' your hair, or dip dying. Several celebrities are sporting the fashion at the moment and I think it looks really great. I'm so bored of my hair at the moment and have been looking at DIY solutions to do this.

 My prayers have been answered!!!

I heard L'Oreal were releasing a home dip dye kit in September, and it's finally arrived on Boots website (I believe it will also be available in Superdrug). Woohoo! It's called L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre and is priced at £6.99, which is just amazing value. It comes complete with full instructions and a comb for precise application. They have released it in 3 shades:

No 1, Light Brown to Dark Brown
No 2, Dark Blonde to Medium Brown
No 3, Blonde to Dark Blonde

I am off to buy this as soon as possible, and excited to try it out. I hope it lives up to the hype and leaves me with lovely ombred hair! Review to come, keep posted!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Little Business Trip

Well I've been whisked away by my company on some training so haven't been able to blog recently. I'm currently staying at a Holiday Inn in a town called Bromsgrove. It's a really pretty quaint hotel and the food is delicious. Had a little wander in to Bromsgrove centre today, not many shops but managed to find New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Boots! Made some little purchases! Anyway, I'll be back soon and have lots to blog about!

Till then...

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

August Favourites

So I realllly had to think about my monthly favourites, because to be honest, there's been so many! With the weather being so up and down, and I've had quite a busy month, which means I've been using and loving a lot of products. But I picked my essentials that I haven't been without this month to share with you. 

And here they are...

As I said, it's been a busy month, which means I've been breaking out more than usual, but this little bottle has been a saviour. You basically apply this on any blemishes or even on red areas left by blemishes and it helps to dry them out so they heal quicker. You can apply it as many times as needed, and I really do notice the difference after a couple of applications. It's pricey for a spot treatment, but the bottle lasts for ages!

I bought this mascara a few weeks ago after watching Tanya Burr (pixi2woo on You Tube) use it in a tutorial. I have quite long eyelashes anyway, but this mascara really accentuates them. The wand is perfect to work with and it doesn't clog or clump my lashes as some mascaras do. I don't think anything will beat YSL's Shocking mascara which is my all time fave, but I'm enjoying using this at the moment. 

Now, this is certainly one of my most expensive skincare items, but I just can't be without it. I apply this nightly as part of my skincare routine before moisturising. It comes with a handy pipette and the lady on the Estee Lauder counter in Selfridges suggested 3 drops would suffice daily. I find it really helps lock in moisture, smooth and even out my skin tone. This product also helps if you have any scars or discolouration of this skin.

I love this moisturiser, it is a staple favourite of mine and I don't think I'll ever change. For a while I couldn't find anywhere online that shipped this product to the UK. This product is only available for purchase in France as far as I am aware. Then I hit jackpot and found it on a website called Love Make Up, I was so excited I purchased it straight away. Their delivery was excellent, arriving the next day!! I often use this moisturiser in place of a primer. 

This bronzer is part of Elizabeth Arden's Rose Aurora make up range, in which all the products are lovely. I have this bronzer in the shade, Soft Radiance. I've really enjoyed using this bronzer this month as I've been slightly paler than usual and it gives the most gorgeous hint of colour when contouring through the cheeks. I also love the packaging to this product, it really screams premium beauty and I love my bronzers to have a mirror. 

When the weather is as warm as it has been (humidity wise, obviously we've had no sunshine), this product is my saviour! I literally cannot leave the house without this on, or else a few hours later my foundation will look oily and my face will feel awful. I powder this all over my face after applying all my face make up, especially when using liquid foundations and/or cream bronzers, blushers etc. This is a sheer powder, literally just to take that shine off the skin, although I think MAC say there is a small hint of colour. Mine is in the colour Medium/Dark.

I have been wearing this lipgloss so much recently. It's so pretty, and glides over so many lipstick colours. This is in the shade Negligee Pink, which is a really light pink colour. It's so glossy and the packaging is gorgeous. The only thing I'm not 100% on is the applicator which is like a little brush, and can sometimes mean you get gloss overload on your lips. Regardless of that, I am a big fan of this product.

Maybelline Baby Lips

I wasn't sure whether to include this in my monthly favourite or not as it's not available in the UK, but I had to leave it in as I love it so much. This product is basically a coloured lip balm, but it is so moisturising, smells amazing and glides on so easily. This colour is Pink Punch and is a perfect 'every day' colour. This product is perfect for dry lips and really locks in moisture while giving off a gorgeous colour. Come on Maybelline, sort it out and release these in the UK! I want to buy more! :)

This is definitely my 'go to' foundation at the moment for day to day wear. I normally don't use pharmacy or drugstore foundations at all, but after trying this foundation I was pleasantly surprised. It's so cheap, and I actually got it even cheaper in Savers for £4.99! Cannot believe the value. This foundation promises anti fatigue and radiant glow and I honestly think it does what it says on the tin. When I started wearing this foundation I had so many compliments on how awake and fresh my skin looked. It has a slight shimmer to it, but you can't see this once it's on the skin. It also smells amazing, (is that strange?). I have this foundation in Soft Beige and have just repurchased a new one. No doubt I'll be back to my MAC Pro Longwear for the winter months, but for now, I LOVE this! 

So that's it for my August Favourites. I tried to keep the amount of products as low as I possibly could, but there are so many more I could talk about. Have you tried any of these products, what are your thoughts?
Thursday, 23 August 2012

Elf Cosmetics Review

I'd heard a lot about Elf products, mostly from our friends overseas in America. I believe in the US most Elf products are $1, which is just amazing value. In the UK our equivalent is MUA, which I'm also a big fan of. 

When Elf launched a UK website I was really excited to try the elusive products and recently have placed a couple of orders with them.

The first thing to say is that the delivery is EXCEPTIONAL! I placed my first order at 9.30pm, the next morning I had an email to say it's been dispatched and my order was with me by 9am the next day! What a fantastic service. I always thought MAC were quick, but Elf are quicker! 

So I ordered a range of products, lip glosses, brushes, concealers, lip liners, eye liners etc. I have to say overall I'm impressed. 


I bought a range of Elf brushes. The basic brushes are £1.50. I purchased the Blending Eye Brush, the Eye Crease Brush and the Lip Defining Brush. I was bit disappointed that upon arrival the head had come off the Lip Defining Brush, but then again, for that price, you can't complain! I also bought the Eyeshadow "C" Brush from Elf's Studio collection. This brush was £3.75 (still amazing) and much better quality than the others. I have been using this brush as my main eyeshadow brush for a while now to test it out and I really like it. It picks up any eyeshadow so easily and you can really build up the colour with this brush. The blending and crease brushes are also good, but I don't think I'll ever been converted from my Mac 217 blending brush. :)

On my first order with Elf I ordered the Plumping Lip Glaze in Fuchsia Fanatic, I liked this product so much that on my second order I bought two more! One side is a very sheer white colour which when applied feels really tingly and minty on your lips, then you apply the colour which is super glossy. After application I really felt like the product does what it says on the tin; 'plumps' my lips! They looked fuller and these glosses come in really lovely colours! All in all, for £1.50, these lip glazes are great products!

Top to Bottom: Fire Coral, Wink Pink and Fuchsia Fanatic
I also ordered 3 of the Shimmer Eye Pencils, these were also £1.50 each. I am so surprised how soft and pigmented these pencils are. They glide on gorgeously! I've only swatched these so far, but the colours are lovely and I'm sure they're going to look great when creating a bright eye look. I seriously cannot wait to try these out.

Top to Bottom: Plum Passion, Twinkle Teal and Blissful Blush
R - L: Plum Passion, Twinkle Teal and Blissful Blush
I also thought I'd try Elf's Complete Coverage Concealer palette which was £3.75. I got the Medium coloured palette which contains four colours ranging from medium tones to darker tones. When i first opened it, I was worried that the two darker tones may be a little too dark even for me, but when applied then do actually look lighter and they'll be perfect for holidays when I have a tan.

I also bought a couple of misc items to try. One of the Soothing Lip Balms in Blackcurrant (smells amazing and glides and moisturises like a dream), a double pencil sharpener, and a lip liner in Natural Blush. 

I can honestly say, for a low budget cosmetic brand, Elf are top dog! I love the products I have from them so far, but they have so many products to choose from I cannot wait to try more! So check out Elf's Website for some great products, with low prices and quick shipping! 

Have you tried Elf, and are you a massive fan like me?

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