Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mini Mac Haul

 We all have those days where we're like "OMG, I need to shop and buy some pretty things to make me feel better", well I seem to have these days regularly! *Sorry bank balance!* :/ So here's just a couple of things I bought from Mac recently on a lonely dinner hour!

MAC's Pro Eye Makeup Remover

My eyes are so sensitive that the most important part of my skincare routine is removing my make up as gently as possible. This eye makeup remover certainly does the trick. You only have to dab the littlest amount on to a cotton pad, sweep it across your eye and the hardest part is done. I love this remover, however, something has just arrived in my Glossybox this month which could compete... keep posted to hear more on that one! :)

MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan

MAC eyeshadows are my absolute top 'go-to' eyeshadows for any occasion. Most are sooo pigmented and give a lovely colour on the eye. They are so blendable and the colour choices are simply gorgeous! I am building up my palette at the moment but I mostly stick to brown and neutral colours as that's what suits me best. Here I went for a dark brown called 'Smut', which blends gorgeously with with 'Satin Taupe' from MAC, and 'Star Violet' which is a brighter colour allowing you to vamp up the lips also. I like to wear Illamasqua's Wanton lipstick with it!

Left to Right: Star Violet and Smut
Left to Right: Star Violet and Smut (sorry, this pic doesn't show the colours very well!)
MAC Lipstick

I love MAC lipsticks, and literally haven't stopped wearing this colour since I got it. It's called Chatterbox and is such a gorgeous bright pink colour and perfect for a night out, meal out etc etc. It's one of MAC's amplified lipsticks, so it literally stays on allll night! I think this lipstick will be a staple fave throughout the rest of summer and for my holidays for me. 

Anyone else gone a bit crazy on online purchases? Please tell me I'm not the only one abusing my bank account! :) More soon! 

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