Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mini Boots and Superdrug Haul

I headed in to town to celebrate a friends birthday last friday and ended up having an hour to kill before meeting her. Only one place for it... Boots! So after some browsing (and a majorly long time at the new Ojon stand) I picked up a few items.

I am really enjoying using this hand creme since purchasing it. It is an incredibly thick formula, therefore more of a night treatment for your hands. It smells gorgeous (reminds me of Christmas for some unknown reason), and i've really noticed a difference in my hands. I smooth this over just before bed time and wake up with lovely soft hands! Perfect.

I fell in love with this colour as soon as I saw it. It's so pretty, I had to have it. I think it'll be perfect for an autumn pink as it's a darker plummy shade. I applied two coats and that seemed perfect. I wore this for 4 days, and didn't even chip even without a top coat. I can see myself wearing this colour a lot this autumn.

I was very excited to see Ojon finally had a stand in Boots. After talking to the rep and trying some products out, myself and my friend were sold on this brand. I've been wanting to try there products for a long time, so this was a welcome opporutnity. I have written a full review with my thoughts on both these products, so if you would like to read more on these, you can do so here.

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

This product truly is a wonder. We've all been at the point where our nail varnish is chipping, but we just can't be bothered having to sit down with nail polish remover and several cotton pads to take it off. Well this makes life soooo much easier. As it says in the title, this product is truly 'magic'! You basically put your finger in the hole, twist it a couple of times, pull it out, and hey presto... no nail varnish. I literally had my nails "varnish free" within 30 seconds! Wow!

MUA eyeshadow 
Lastly, i just picked up this eyeshadow from MUA. I wanted a really bright white colour for the inner corners of my eyes for a particular look I wanted. I got this in Shade 1, Pearl. It's such a bright shimmery colour and really brightens up the eye area. And for a £1 who can argue?

So that's it for my mini haul this time. Really enjoying using all these products at the moment. Have you tried any? What are your thoughts?

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