Friday, 18 January 2013

Party Season Essentials

January is always a detox and chill out month for me, and this year unfortunately it's also been a poorly month! :(

So while I'm feeling sorry for myself wrapped up indoors, I thought I would reflect on my favourite products that I seemed to use throughout the party season of Christmas and the New Year. 

These are obviously just a few of the items i use for a night out, but I have definitely used these products for most make up looks throughout December and early Jan. 

The first three products are a shower gel, setting spray and a foundation. Before going out on a night out I love to have time to properly get ready, including a relaxing bath or shower. I love using this shower gel from Lush called Snow Fairy. It smells absolutely amazing, and lasts forever!! It just generally puts me in a good mood for the night. 

The Setting spray I use is Mac's Fix Plus. I have to use a setting spray as my make up just seems to shift after a couple of hours partying. I think we've all used hair spray in the past to set our make up, and I did till quite recently as I couldn't find a setting spray that worked for me. Mac's Fix Plus definitely works, and my make up isn't complete without a little spritz! 

Lastly is my Mac Pro Longwear foundation. This is the darkest foundation I own, I have it in the colour NW25, so I tend to use it for nights out when I fake tan. It's quite a full coverage foundation and you only need a tiny bit, in fact I think I've owned this one for nearly a year now and it's just about run out. It gives such an even coverage and leaves the skin glowing. Firm favourite. 

These are definitely two products that I use not just when going out but daily. NARS Laguna bronzer and Urban Decays eyeshadow primer.

I love the Laguna bronzing powder for going out as it has a slight golden shimmer to it, which really does give the prettiest finish. It can be used for either contouring, or adding colour to the cheeks, or just as an all over bronzer. It really is the perfect all rounder! 

I have to use a primer underneath my eyeshadow, if I don't it'll literally crease before I'm even out the door! I used to use one from No.7, which was good, but still gave me a creasing effect towards the end of my night. Since trying this urban decay option, I really can believe all the hype around it, it's amazing. My eyeshadow doesn't crease, smudge, or wear off at all. You can get this in different colours as well which is a nice idea if you want to use it as a base colour. I don't think I'll find a primer as good as this one, well done Urban Decay!

I have been wearing a lot of heavy eye make up over winter for different party looks and outfit matches, so this creamy paint pot from Mac has been perfect for building colour. This is in the colour Constructivist, and is a highly pigmented lovely rich mahogany colour. It dries perfectly, and is easily blendable. It really changes the appearance of some eyeshadow colours when you apply them over the top and gives a lovely finish. 

I absolutely loved this lipstick from Mac over the winter months and kick starting January. It's in the colour Plumful from Mac's Lustre range. Its such a pretty rose plum colour, and actually appears darker on the lips than shown in the swatch above. It gives a lovely sheen and lasts ages. I know some people shy away from the darker colours, and I must admit, I used to as well, but this colour is so wearable, and goes with anything. 

A proper night outs make up look for me, isn't complete without some false lashes. I tend to always stick to the Eylure 101's as I find them the most natural on my eye. They just give a bit of bulk and a little definition to the lashes. I apply these with Duo eyelash glue which you can buy from Mac, as they don't budge with this glue and last all night. Eylure lashes are really durable and I normally end up getting a few uses out of one pair. 

In December I picked up Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara. I have quite a lot of bottom lashes and they can look quite clumpy when using a normal sized mascara wand on them. This mascara is absolutely amazing, I love it. It doesn't smudge or clump, and makes your bottom lashes look completely lengthened and separated. This is a product that I think every girl should own, I use it every day!

So there were just a few of my party season favourite products to use. With Christmas and New Year over now, we'll all be keeping our eyes open for the spring launches which have already started appearing. What did you all enjoy wearing over the festive period? 


  1. I love the look of plumful! Do you have a lot of Mac lipsticks? I haven't picked one up yet and am really stuck for which one to choose to get first! xx

    1. I love Plumful, it's such a lovely colour. Yes, i have quite a few Mac lipsticks, they are definitely my guilty pleasure, oops! :) All their lipsticks are great, but if you want something a little more moisturising, go with a Lustre finish like this one, or 'Syrup' is a great colour too! :) xx



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