Friday, 8 February 2013

Lush Face Mask

I absolutely love Lush products, and their face masks are certainly no exception. I received one of the fresh face masks for Christmas off my mum. I hadn't tried the fresh masks before, so was excited to try it.

This particular mask is called Brazened Honey and certainly didn't disappoint. It's £5.95 for this tub, but you get so many applications out of it. I managed to get around 8 applications from the tub with generous amounts each time and there was still some left when it went out of date! 

Firstly it smells amazing, like a floral honey smell. The consistency is quite thick but doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. When washing the mask off, it gently exfoliates your skin. Immediately after using this my skin felt amazing and so soft to the touch.

The best thing about this mask is using it straight from the fridge. It feels so cool and refreshing on your skin, and is really easy to apply straight from the tub.

 This particular mask is designed to rejuvenate tired skin, so it really was perfect for January when I was trying to detox after Christmas. Mine went out of date a couple of weeks ago now, but it will definitely be my first purchase when I'm next out shopping. I'm actually really missing using it!

Also, Lush do a similar service to Mac, where if you keep your empty tubs and return 5 of them to the store, they will give you a free mask. Amazing!

Anyone else tried this mask, or any others from Lush? Do you love them as much as I do? :)

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