Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring Nails

Even though it's still majorly cold outside, we've seen the beginnings of some sunshine in the past couple of weeks which has certainly got everyone hoping that Spring is finally here.

I've been rethinking my nail polish colours recently to match the brighter weather and get ready for Spring. Pastels are always a popular choice for Spring, and look so pretty with any outfit. 

Here are just a few of the colours I've been enjoying wearing recently. From left to right we have, Essie - Mint Candy Apple, Essie - Miss Fancy Pants, Sally Hansen - Pink a Card, Rimmel - Pear Drop and Essie - Play Date. I'm a big fan of Essie nail varnishes as they do the loveliest colours and seem to last the longest on my nails without chipping.

This is how the colours look with 2 coats of colour and a clear top coat. The colours from the thumb clockwise are, Mint Candy Apple, Pink a Card, Miss Fancy Pants, Play Date and Pear Drop. I use Sally Hansen's Insta Dry or OPI's Rapidry top coats as I hate waiting for my nails to dry and these both work really well for me and don't chip for days.

Recently I picked up this Rock Your Colour top coat in Disco Gold from Rimmel which adds a glittery finish to your nail colour. I think it looks really great and adds that extra sparkle to any colour. Picture above layered over Mint Candy Apple.

I have been buying so many nail varnishes recently, there seem to be so many new formulas released at the moment. What's your favourite spring nails? 
Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fresh Lip Care

As mentioned in my last post I have recently been to America and as well as the Disney excitement, I was also looking forward to exploring the shops, and checking out the beauty goodies! 

While in Sephora I spotted the brand Fresh, which has been widely spoke about in the world of beauty blogging. I know they have a store in London but unfortunately I've never been in. After a long peruse of all the products, I decided to opt for there infamous lip care duo, the Sugar Lip Polish and Sugar Lip Treatment. 

I seriously have not stopped using these products since I've been home. I can't rate them highly enough. The lip treatment is simply amazing, I've been using it none stop and my lips feel so soft it's incredible. However if my lips are in need of a scrub up, the polish is great. It smells so natural and exfoliates perfectly. You only need a tiny bit rubbed gently over your lips, then wash the excess off with a damp soft cloth and well-ah! :)

I really feel like using these two products together have rejuvenated and smoothed my lips as well as locked in moisture. My lips look healthy and I can wear lipsticks that normally dry me out a lot longer. All in all, great products and ill definitely be repurchasing when I run out (which may be quite soon, ooops). 

Anyone else tried these products or suggest any others?

My American Adventure

Eeeks, I've been neglecting my blog recently but for good reason, I promise! I've been on an amazing holiday to Florida!!

At the beginning of March I went to Florida for 3 weeks with my family and best mate. We went to Disneyworld for the first 2 weeks and then had a relaxing week in Clearwater soaking up the sun! 

We had such a great time with lots of memories and I can't wait to go back (seriously, I'd live in Disney if I could!).

Another exciting part of travelling to America was obviously the shopping! The beauty products are much cheaper over there than the UK, and it might just be me but I felt they had so much choice. It's safe to say I picked up quite a few beauty items while in the US and I hope to review my favourites on here soon. My first experience of shops such as Sephora, Target and CVS were definitely positive ones, (just ask my bank balance... :/ ooops).

So I'm back home now and have lots of things to blog about. I'll leave you with a lovely picture of Cinderellas castle in the Magic Kingdom, and I'll say toodle pip for now! :)


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