Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Limited Edition Real Techniques Brushes

I simply love all of the brushes that Real Techniques make up guru Samantha Chapman has released, they are such great brushes for such cheap prices!

I hadn’t heard about anymore being released until I saw this set in Boots. I was incredibly excited as I love duo fibre brushes and again, here were 3 for the incredibly cheap price of £23.99!

For base face make up I use nothing else than the buffing, expert face, stippling and powder brushes by Real Techniques. I use them every single day, and have no reason to replace them. I do have other brushes that I use on occasion, but I favour these over most.

This limited edition set includes an all over face brush, a contour brush and an eye shader brush. I love the new sleek, white design of the brushes and my experience using them so far has been positive.

These brushes work perfectly with cream, powder or liquid products, and really do give a gorgeous airbrushed finish which you come to expect from duo fibre brushes.

You don't see many high street duo fibre brushes around, they tend to be from the premium brands, so it's great that these are affordable, work great, 100% cruelty free and are a perfect addition to any brush collection.

Well done Real Techniques, you've got it just right again!

Anyone else tried these brushes? What's your opinion?


  1. i bought these and had them sent to a friends house so i havent used them yet but i cant wait!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

    1. Oh I hope you enjoy using them! Let me know what you think when you've tried them out! I haven't stopped using mine! :) xx

  2. I have every other RT brushes apart from these! I love RT, I use them every single day. Can't wait to get my hands on these ones! Xox


    1. Me too, I have other brushes but always find myself using RT. They're great and these brushes are no exception! I hope you enjoy them when you get around to purchasing! :) xx

  3. I have most of the rt but havent tried these because Inhavent been excited by them, will take another look though! Found your blog from the #fabbbloggersmanc sheet and followed
    Beth May Blogs
    My Bloglovin

    1. Thanks for following. A shame we didn't get a chance to catch up last saturday.

      Just took a look at your blog, it's great, new follower here! :) xx



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