Sunday, 16 June 2013

New Bourjois Bronzing Products

I love popping in to Boots and seeing what’s new in the makeup world. Recently I spotted these new items from Bourjois, and being a fan of the brand anyway, thought I’d give them a try.

The new line revolves around ‘bronzing’ which couldn’t be more perfect for this time of year, especially when the sun doesn’t seem to be making much of an appearance! The items consist of a bronzing primer, a bronzing BB cream and a pressed powder bronzer. I picked up the primer and the BB cream, as I’ve never tried these products when they include a bronzing agent before.

Bourjois boasts that the shades are universal and will match any skin tone, but my immediate impression was, ‘wow, it’s dark’. The primer especially looks incredibly dark when you first place it on the skin. After blending it in, it did seem to match my skin tone, whilst adding a bronzing effect to it too. I really don’t think this product would suit a fair skin though, I have a bit of a tan anyway at the moment, and was still worried it was a little too dark for me.

After I had applied the primer, I wasn’t sure if I liked the finish of it. I normally use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer, which leaves a really satin smooth finish to my skin and foundation glides over it perfectly. I let the primer set in to my skin, and I must admit, my skin felt better to the touch within 5 minutes. It did seem to matify my skin, which is a must for any primer.

L-R - BB Cream, Primer
With BB creams, I normally like to apply them with my fingers and massage the product in to my face, but this seemed to dark to chance it. I decided to try to apply it with a duo fibre face brush. Again, it seemed very dark going on the skin, but it was easy to blend using the brush. The BB cream markets itself as an 8 in 1 cream, promising to even skin tone, give a sheer tint, boost radiance, give 16 hour moisturisation, smooth skin, prolong tan, give a refreshing sensation and it also contains SPF 15.  

Bourjois state that the products have an addictive scent, and they are definitely right, especially the primer. Anyone ever tried Bourjois’s chocolate bronzer? It smells like that, but better in my opinion!

I'm definitely going to give these products a good trial over the summer months. Anybody else tried them? What do you think?


  1. Saw these in Boots a few days ago and was so tempted to give them a try. The Bronzing Primer is meant to be a dupe for the Soleil Tan De Chanel :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Yeah, there definitely worth trying, like i say, first impressions weren't great, there's better products in my opinion, but i know a lot of people love these. The primer is a little more moosey than the Soleil tan de chanel, i love that product, its one of my favourite bronzers! :) xx



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