Thursday, 6 June 2013

Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils

I was in the market for some new eyeliners, and spotted this Urban Decay set on Look Fantastic’s website a few weeks ago. I’d heard great things about these liners and they certainly didn’t disappoint when I tried them out.

The set holds six mini eyeliners from the Urban Decay range including two limited edition colours. The colour range is fantastic as they have a good mix of wearable shades against brighter shades, and some matte, some shimmery finishes. They are so soft and super pigmented, and they’re probably the easiest liners I’ve used when creating a smoky eye effect. They are waterproof so last really well on the lash line as well as the water line.

L-R - Uzi, Zero, Demolition, Smog, Empire, Mainline.
This set includes the colours Uzi (gunmetal taupe with silver glitter), Zero (standard black matte), Demolition (deep brown matte), Smog (Copper), Empire (dark eggplant with satin finish) and Mainline (dark green/blue matte).

I’d heard people compare these to the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohls and I have to admit, they are incredibly similar, so if you were wanting a cheaper option you could definitely check those out. However I think this set is perfect, as you can own a little of each colour and finish, all for £26. What I love is that all the colours are really useable, normally there’s always a couple I don’t use in a set as there too bright for me, but Urban Decay have definitely got it right here. This set is basically all you require for your eyeliner needs.

I have enjoyed using these eyeliners so much, that I have decided to purchase another set to giveaway on my blog. My first giveaway, how exciting! I’ll be posting details on how you can enter that in the next couple of days, so keep checking back for more information! :)

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