Friday, 19 July 2013

New Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons

My new lip obsession this week lies with Bourjois's latest release, the Colour Boost Lip Crayons.

Top-Bottom - Peach on the Beach, Fuchsia Libre and Red Sunrise
Since the release of the Clinique Chubby Sticks, the beauty world has gone mad for this style of lip product. Following Clinique, we had the drugstore releases from the likes of Revlon, MUA, Soap & Glory and 17 to mention just a few. I absolutely love Revlon's version of these, and you can read my review on them here.

So I guess it's no surprise that Bourjois have jumped on the bandwagon and released their very own version.

Top-Bottom - Peach on the Beach, Fuchsia Libre and Red Sunrise
Bourjois have only released four colours at the moment, but I love the colours they've chosen, they are such pretty shades for the summer. I picked up three of the four shades on offer, and they were, Red Sunrise, Peach on the Beach (love that name) and Fuchsia Libre. They are available for £7.99 each at Boots, and are currently on a 3 for 2 offer. They are also available at Superdrug.

L-R - Peach on the Beach, Fuchsia Libre and Red Sunrise
The formula is really moisturising and quite creamy. Bourjois promises 10 hour moisturisation and hydration along with waterproof colour. Unfortunately, i think that's a little over ambitious, as these don't seem to last anywhere near that long on me. Although for some strange reason, I actually enjoy to reapply my lip products throughout the day, so it's OK by me. 

The pigmentation is great for all the colours and a great addition to this product is the SPF that Bourjois have added to the formula. With the current weather these are the perfect choice for a pop of colour teamed with an SPF 15 protection. :)

Overall another great product from this brand and a perfect lip choice for the summer. 

Anyone else tried these yet? What's your thoughts?


  1. I really want to try them, but they don't have them at my local Boots :( x

    1. Ah that's a shame. Hopefully they'll get them in stock soon. They're lovely products, think you'd enjoy using them! :) xx

    2. Yeah I bet, I love any kind of lip crayons! :) x



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