Tuesday, 17 September 2013

September Glossybox

I am in love with the styling of this months Glossybox, the theme being 'The London Edition'. To celebrate this we have an amazing Union Jack Glossybox! 

Also this month we seem to have changes to our usual accompanying information. Instead of the usual paper A3 fold out leaflet describing the products we have a little cute card for the products then a glossy magazine to flick through too. I love this, and hope it's a change that's here to stay.

Anyway on to the products in this months box...

Elizabeth Arden - Untold

I'm really not a fan of perfume samples, I don't know why, but I just feel I'm happy with the perfumes I use and can't find any to beat them. I do really like this scent, but for me it feels like a slightly older scent and not quite my style. It's definitely a heavier night time scent, so I may wear it out and see what I think when I'm wearing it properly.

Eylure - Pre-glued Lashes

I love wearing lashes on a night out and Eylure really give a good selection from subtle lashes giving volume and length to more adventurous looks. One thing I think we all hate doing is glueing the lashes in to place. I use Duo Eyelash Glue which is fantastic, but even with that sometimes the corners will pop off when you're out and about. For those reasons, these are an amazing idea. I have big hopes for these.

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe - Classic Shine & Gloss Serum

I'm really in to haircare at the moment, and for that reason I was happy to see this in my box this month. I tried it on my locks straight away and the first thing that hit me is that it smells great! It did seem to give a shine to my hair and certainly tamed any fly aways. I'll definitely be giving this a thorough trial.

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics – Onyx Eye Liner

I love to wear eyeliner, and I especially like using this type of applicator which is similar to a felt tip pen. My initial reaction was that the tip might be a bit too big for my liking, although it did create a fine line when I tried it. I prefer using a thinner, more streamlined tip like the YSL Shocking Eyeliner which I wrote a review on here. I must admit though, if you’re looking to create a dramatic cat eye effect, this liner is pretty much perfect.

Dr Lipp – Original Nipple Balm for Lips

This product definitely intrigued me when I saw it as it seems to be Dr Lipp’s answer to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, which I LOVE! The product is familiar in the way that it promises to hydrate not only lips, but it’s versatile enough to use on dry skin, to soften cuticles or to tame brows. It’s basically a good all-rounder. My only question about this product is the price. For the amount of product you get in the tube it’s a similar price to the already famous 8 hour cream, so it’s got big competition. It’s safe to say, I'm excited to try this properly.

So all in all, even though I love the box design this month, i'm a bit 50/50 on the products inside, but certainly going to give them all a good go. 

What did you all get this month?


  1. I got almost the same products (I got a beautiful blusher instead of the lip balm) and I thought it was a really good box, compared to last month's. I was so happy about the eyeliner and it swatched great, but wearing it was a different story and unfortunately it smudged a lot on me. I hope you're luckier with it than I was :/. Xx


    1. Ah really? I haven't actually tried the liner out properly yet, was thinking of giving it a go this weekend! I really like the Toni&Guy Gloss Serum. Not stopped using it! :) xx

  2. They do sell Glossy Boxes after the months don't they? I really want this but can't afford a subscription at the minute :/
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. Yes they do on some boxes Megan, best to check directly on their website, www.glossybox.co.uk. Hope you manage to get your hands on one! :) xx



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