Thursday, 28 August 2014

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

I was browsing in Boots this week, picking up some last minute holiday essentials when I saw this new release from Aussie Haircare. They have jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon along with quite a few other brands and brought out a new product in 3 different finishes. I opted for the one entitled Aussome Volume, as you'll probably know by now, I love volume! 

I'd say that for most of us, dry shampoo is that little life saver we don't know how we ever lived without. I always have one in the house, and have a small panic when it runs out and I only have 5 minutes before leaving for work.

This new release is great, and dare I say I prefer it to the famous Batiste? Aussie products are normally far too heavy for my limp fine hair, but this formulation which is designed for such hair types didn't weigh it down at all. Just a couple of sprays left my hair looking freshly washed with plenty of bounce. 

I haven't tried the others from the range so can't speak for all, but this dry shampoo definitely lived up to the promise of providing volume. It also smells fantastic like all the Aussie products do, it reminds me so much of holidays. (I'm so sad the other Aussie products don't work for me!) 

I picked this up on offer in Boots, but I think the usual price of £4.99 might deter me from purchasing this on a regular basis, which is a shame. On the plus side, they do produce a travel version retailing at £2.29 which has been purchased and packed for my holidays. 

I love this Aussie Philosophy
Overall a great product but with a slightly bigger price tag than the popular Batiste, therefore it's going to be a special treat purchase for me. 

Anyone else tried it? What's your thoughts? 
Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Glossybox

It's always a jolly day when my Glossybox arrives on my work desk. This months box is based on American beauty products named Stars and Stripes. I love a different look box, and this one doesn't disappoint. Now I must admit, after venturing to America myself last year, and sampling some of their beauty products, I think there could of been better choices, but overall I liked the items this month.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd - Mineral Lipstick

This lipstick immediately stood out to me (it might be something to do with my lip product obsession!). This mineral lipstick includes natural waxes and mineral pigments which makes applying this a dream, it slides on to your lips perfectly. A perfect red shade for the summer, and of course includes, everyones favourite friend in a product... SPF!

ABSOLUTE New York - Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer

I am always sceptical at trying new eyeshadow primers as I have tried so many and then gone back to my trusty NARS or Urban Decay products. However, all items deserve a shot! I'll certainly be giving this a go, and with such a reasonable price tag, I hope it's a keeper!

Carmex - Lip Balm

I defy anyone to say they've not tried this cult classic! I always have a little pot or tube of this stuff around. It's brilliant, reasonably priced, and gives great results. I always apply a little underneath my lipsticks or glosses to give that added softness.

Color Club - Glossy Seal

I'd never heard of this brand before, but so glad it arrived this month. This nail polish is really great. One coat gives a lovely opaque finish with lots of shine without the need for a top coat. The wearability was great, lasting days before chipping. I would normally choose brighter colours for the summer months, but this colour really reminds me of being on a boat in the gorgeous blue sea while on holiday, so guess it could be durable for summer too. Lovely product. 

Juice Beauty - Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer

As soon as I get a bit of a tan on my face in the summer months, my skin gets really dry, so I'm always on the lookout for new moisturisers and products to help. I really like the sound of this particular one, green apple makes it sound fresh and inviting. I'm definitely going to give this a thorough test and hope to see good results. 

So that's it for my Glossybox this month, and with 4 full size products in the box, I'd say it's been a good one. Anyone else get anything different?

Monday, 2 June 2014

Imperial Leather Foamburst Body Wash

I loved the original Foamburst shower gels that Imperial Leather released, so when I heard they’d revamped and released new scents inspired by eastern bathing rituals, I had to get my hands on one to try.

I opted for the Sweet Vanilla & Cherry Blossom, which smells amazing. As soon as you spray the gel in to your hand, the scent hits you, it’s heavenly. These gels are so easy to use, literally a small spray of gel in to your hand, apply it to your skin in the shower and it immediately turns in to a creamy foam, and produces enough to wash your whole body with. A little bit really goes a long way with this product.

The foam really feels luxurious on your skin, and with minimal effort leaves you feeling squeaky clean, smooth and smelling great. The other scents to choose from include, Spicy Ginger & Orange, Bracing Bergamot & Sea Minerals, Moisurising Honey & Almond Milk, Uplifting Lime & Grapefruit, Rebalancing Green Tea & Jasmine and Bewitching Blackberry & Wild Fig.

I have so many shower gels that I love using, but I've found myself reaching for this one every time since buying it. You can pick one up from most Boots or Superdrug stores but I've also seen it in local supermarkets, so you can even grab one while doing your weekly shop. They retail at the rather pricey (for a shower gel anyway) £3.15 in Boots but both Boots and Superdrug currently have offers on these products, so get one cheaper while you can, I know I will be! 
Friday, 23 May 2014

May Glossybox

Once again, apologies for my little blogging break. Things have been so busy since Christmas, I haven’t really had any free time at all. Things are starting to look slightly quieter so I promise to upload more frequently.

What better way to end a blogging break than with a special edition Glossybox. There was a lot of speculation around this months box as the theme was kept close knit in the Glossybox office until delivery day. The box is a Superdrug special celebrating 50 years of Superdrug. I’m a big fan of Superdrug, their budget beauty brands are really great and some are sort after worldwide!

So on to the box... I love the design this month, and the best thing is there are so many products inside, most of them full size as well. Winner!

Max Factor – Facefinity All Day Primer

This couldn’t have appeared in my Glossybox at a better time. Ive just run out of my all time favourite Smashbox primer, and was looking for a replacement. The packaging of this product is fab for a drugstore brand. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump, which I think every beauty enthusiast is always pleased to see. I’m a big fan of Max Factor, and am excited to try this new launch.

Maybelline – Great Lash Mascara

I know this will shock a lot of people, but as long as this mascara has been knocking around, I’ve never tried it! It’s always been on my list of things to try, but new launches or recommendations have always taken over. For this reason I was super happy to see it this month, and can’t wait to try it. It’s in the colour Very Black, which is perfect for a dramatic lash.  

 GOSH  - Velvet Touch Eyeliner

I always check this counter out in Superdrug, but for some unknown reason have never purchased anything. I always wear eyeliner on a night out, but for me, it’s finding one that stays put that’s the problem. The write up on this product is pretty good, so I’m hoping for longevity as well as wearability.

B - Sheer Conditioning Lipstick

I love wearing these conditioning tints on my lips in the summer months. It’s nice to have a hint of colour as well as the moisturising elements banishing dry lips. The colour I received is Coral which is my favourite lip shade to wear in the summer, so perfect! The pigmentation is just right for a sheer tint. The only thing I’d say its missing is the addition of an SPF in the formula.

Vaseline – Spray & Go Moisturiser

This product is already a huge favourite of mine and I can’t recommend it enough to anybody looking for quick, easy moisturising. It’s compact, smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling great. I've been using this every day since returning from my holiday to prolong my tan and it’s been fab. I wrote a full post on this product a while back which you can read here.

Bonus Products...

Garnier – Oil Beauty Lotion

I really like the idea of this, a body lotion infused with argan, macademia, almond and rose oil, it sounds almost perfect. And at only £4.99 for a 250ml bottle, it’s a bargain as well. I can see myself picking up the full size version of this in the near future. Watch out for a full review! :)

Ghost – Eclipse

I'm a fan of floral scents, and this one didn't disappoint. In the past I have stuck to a couple of scents that I've favoured for years, but recently I've found myself branching out and buying more. This one may just make it in to my collection. 

And gracing the front of the Glossy magazine this month in the lovely Lucy Mecklenburgh. Her new website and training camps are proving very popular at the moment for people wanting to get fit for summer. My friend is currently using her subscription website 'Results with Lucy'. Maybe I can persuade her to do a cheeky guest review for your guys! :)

So that's it for this month, what did you all get in your box?

Friday, 21 March 2014

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick

Spring feels like it's right on the horizon, and we've already had a couple of sunny (and even slightly warm) days. In true spirit of that, I've already reached for some of my favourite spring/summer products. 

Last year I simply couldn't get enough of the Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks. They are a true ‘throw in your bag to wear all day’ kind of product. The colours leave just enough tint on the lip, and they give a gorgeous shine. They are also super moisturising, thanks to the added mango butter ingredient! I think of them as half way in between a lipstick and a Revlon lip butter. Your getting great colour, but with shine and moisture too.

L-R - 24, 22, 20
The three pictured here are my most favoured colours, number 20 - 1,2,3 Soleil which is the most gorgeous coral, 22 – Famous Fuchsia which is a hot fuchsia pink, and 24 – Rose xoxo which is probably my most worn as it’s such a lovely muted pink. All the colours are really wearable, and easy to apply on the go.

You can pick these beauties up from Boots or Superdrug for £7.99 each. Bargain right?

To me, these are perfect lipsticks for when the warmer weather starts to kick in. I like something a little lighter and not so matte in the summer, and with the shine and colour these give, you couldn't ask for more.

Anyone else tried these? Let me know your thoughts!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Max Factor CC Concealer Sticks

 I always carry make up with me, whether I’m travelling, at work or out for drinks, it’s always handy to have top up products in your bag. This upcoming release from Max Factor has me quite excited, and with the recent product releases from this brand proving very popular, I’m sure these will also live up to the hype!

The CC concealer sticks come in 5 different correcting tones. Basically they've covered all skin issues you could possibly have including correcting dark spots, correcting dullness, correcting redness, correcting under eye circles and they've even thrown a highlighter stick in for good measure.

 I personally can suffer from all of the above at some point in my weekly routine, so having all these concealer sticks to hand sounds like a fantastic idea to me! They are said to be of a creamy consistency which warms in to the skin, and easily blendable. If that's true, I think these will be our new 'go-to' items! 

This fab new product is due to hit our shelves on April 1st, retailing at £8.99 per stick, and I for one will be first in line to sample them. Not a bad price for a quick touch up I say! Who else is excited for this launch?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Rita Ora for Rimmel Nail Polishes

I’ve been buying so many nail polishes recently, they never used to be ‘my thing’, but now, I can’t get enough. While in Liverpool this weekend attending the FABB Bloggers Event, I popped into Boots and Superdrug (it’d be rude not to wouldn’t it?). While in Superdrug, I spotted the new Rita Ora nail polishes released by Rimmel. I really like the Rimmel formula anyway as I find them the easiest to paint my nails with and one of the quickest dryers.

I picked up a couple of the pinky/peach shades, as I've been loving a contrast between bright and pastel colours coming in to spring! The lightest shade I got is called Lose Your Lingerie which is a gorgeous pearlescent peachy pink colour. I also picked up a vibrant fuchsia shade called Don’t Be Shy.

Don't Be Shy
Lose Your Lingerie
Like most Rimmel polishes, I only needed a couple of coats to give a great opaque colour. You can pick these up from Boots or Superdrug for £3.69 and both stores have offers on the polishes at the moment, so grab them cheap while you can! I really like the colours released in this range and think I’ll definitely pick up some more as the weeks go on.

Have you tried Rita’s releases yet? What are your thoughts?
Wednesday, 12 March 2014

L'Oreal Elnett Volume Excess Hairspray

Recently I've been trying a lot of hair products, mainly ones which will put a bit of life in to my incredibly fine hair. When Glamour sent me Loreal's Elnett Satin Hairspray in Volume Excess*, I couldn't wait to try it. 

I've always been a fan of the L'Oreal Elnett hairsprays, as i think they have one of the best holds of all the brands, but this one also promises volume which is an added bonus! I've been using this pretty much every day and I can honestly say the hold is fantastic. Curls tend to fall out of my hair pretty quick, and I normally have to use a lot of products to keep them in, however this alone held my curls all night and in to the next day. I actually got compliments from my friends to how good my curls still looked at the end of our girls night out!

What I liked most about the product is it doesn't feel too heavy in your hair, and certainly not sticky as some hairsprays do. The product also features a backcombed volume effect, which I loved as I think giving lift as well as hold with a hairspray is fab. You can buy this product from Boots for £6.60, which again seems quite reasonable for such a great product. 

Has anyone else tried this release in to the L'Oreal Elnett range? What's your thoughts?
Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tanya Burr Lips & Nails

 Tanya burr is a well known name in the beauty world. Renowned for her amazing makeup tutorials, intuitive blog posts and letting us watch her life journey through her daily vlogs. And let’s be honest, we’re all wishing we were invited to as many red carpet events as she is (or any at all in fact!). She’s done so well for herself and is a true inspiration to so many girls.

When she announced she was releasing her own product line in association with Eye Candy, I knew it’d be great. Beauty products created, branded and released by someone who lives and breathes beauty? They were already bound for success.

The first thing I loved about the range was the names Tanya had chosen for each of her products. If you subscribe to Tanya on YouTube you’ll know the names have been inspired by her loves and interests, which makes the brand so personal.

I picked up two of the lip glosses, one in a light pink shade called Afternoon Tea and a darker pink shade with a slight glitter named Aurora (anything with a Disney princess name needs to be purchased in my opinion!). I’m not normally a fan of lip glosses due to many of them feeling quite sticky and not lasting as long as a lipstick might. Saying that, I actually really like the formula of these glosses, they remind me a lot of the NYX lip glosses which I also favour.

Afternoon Tea
Two of the nail polishes also found their way in to my Feelunique basket, a lovely peach/pink colour called Mini Marshmallows and a pillar box red called Mischief Managed. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I was immediately drawn to the latter and wanted it in my collection. I only needed two coats to get a good coverage and nice colour on my nails and with a good top coat, (I use Sally Hansen’s Insta Dry), my nails were chip free for days.

Mini Marshmallows

Mischief Managed
Overall I’m really impressed with the line, and I like the fact that the products are budget friendly! They retail at £6.99 for a lip gloss and £5.99 for a nail polish, and you can’t really argue with those prices. You can buy her products online from Feelunique or both online and in store at Superdrug, but I’m sure that’ll be expanding soon. Well done Tanya, it just shows you that beauty blogging/vlogging and a lot of hard work can fulfil your dreams! 
Monday, 3 March 2014

Laura Mercier Goodies

 I posted a while ago about my splurge purchase of the Laura Mercier body crème. I still use it all the time, I just can’t get enough of it and it wasn’t long before I wanted the full set of body/bath products!

As if to answer my prayers, Laura Mercier’s amazing Christmas gift sets offered it all in one little box. They were made up of four items, the body scrub, honey bath (which comes with a really cute honey dipper), body crème and a candle.

The sets RRP at £60 and are only available around the Christmas period. They sell out fast so you have to be quick to get your hands on one. I was lucky enough to find this one in the Space NK January sales, and it was half price!! At only £30, it was an absolute steal.

I have to admit, I haven’t actually brought myself to use these yet (they just look too pretty in my bathroom!), but I’m sure I won’t be able to resist temptation much longer.

Also from Space NK’s sale I picked up the Laura Mercier votive candle set. This was also half price at just £21. After smelling each of these candles I couldn’t resist and have already started using them around the house and especially when soaking in the bath. You may have seen pictures on my Instagram. The four scents in this set are ambre vanille, fresh fig, crème brûlée and tarte au citron.

So that was my little Laura Mercier haul with MASSIVE savings. Anyone else tried these products, what’s your thoughts? 

Monday, 17 February 2014

L'Oreal #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray

Following on from my recent dreams of having voluminous hair, (which basically involves buying and trying any product which promises me this), I have come across a wondrous product.

I was actually looking for a new salt spray after finishing my Redken one recently, and saw a new product from L'Oreals Studio Line called the #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray. Perfect! The title couldn't have sold me anymore, and in the basket it went. 

If you've read some of my past posts you'll know I've tried a lot of 'volumising' products, but this is by far the best of the bunch. I mostly used the Batiste XXL Plumping Powder (review here) and worked into my roots for added volume, but I found it left my hair feeling slightly sticky and rigid.

L'Oreals latest release doesn't have any of these after effects, and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth, and bouncing with volume. It really gives instant and noticeable results which last longer in my hair than most products. The other bonus is it's in spray form, so much easier to use. I spray some through my roots, and down the lengths of my hair, then tease it in to place. At £3.79 from Boots it really is a steal. 

I love this product, and even bought another one to leave at my mums house for when I stay there. I just can't be without it! Anyone else tried this? What's your thoughts?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Next Route Style Eye Makeup Competition

I was approached by the lovely Roch and Tash from Next Route Style blog to enter an eye makeup competition they were running. I immediately jumped at the chance! What a great way to get involved and of course do what we all love, get creative with make up. And with a £20 Feel Unique voucher and post on their blog up for grabs, it was added incentive!

I didn't really plan my look, but I knew I wanted to go wth a smoky cat eye effect and got more ideas as I went along. Here's what I created.

And here's a little snippet of some of the products I used for this look.

How to get this look... 

1. I always prime my eyelids before using any shadow, my choice was the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. 

2. I then went in with a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the colour Horseradish. I applied it straight from the stick, all over the lid and blended the edges with my finger. 

3. Using a Mac 239 brush I applied Macs gorgeous green colour called Humid all over the lid and blended with a clean Mac 217 brush until neat. 

4. Then I added some of Macs Black Tied to the outer edges of my eye and winged it out slightly following the shape of my eye. I also took some Black Tied under the lower lash line. I then used another 217 to blend that all together.

5. I then used YSL's Shocking Eyeliner on my top lash line, winging it out and joining to the bottom lashes.

6. For my water line, I wanted to keep with the green smokey theme, so used Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil in the colour Mainline.

7. I applied Bourjois Volumizer mascara in Ultra Black to my top lashes. This mascara is great for building volume as it has two steps which adds different amounts of mascara to the wand.

8. For my bottom lashes I applied Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara.

9. Lastly I added some Eyelure lashes in number 101 using the Duo lash glue. 

If you like my look, then please please vote for me on Next Route Style's blog post by leaving my name Kayleigh Goddard as a comment.  Click HERE... It's that simple. 

I appreciate all votes, and good luck to all the girls in the competition, there's some really great make up skills that have been showcased during this comp.

And thats to Roch and Tash for running this comp, i've really enjoyed doing it! 
Monday, 10 February 2014

L'Oreal Fibrology Hair Trio

My quest for fuller, thicker hair has been ongoing for years now. I buy products which promise the world, then after a few applications my hair is still limp, lifeless and as flat as a pancake. Massive sighs! Regardless of my past failings I still can’t resist, so when I saw this new shampoo and conditioner that L'Oreal had released, I had to give it a go.

Boots were offering the shampoo, conditioner, and a thickening booster treatment for an introductory offer price of £10, so I snapped up all three. My hope was heightened when the cashier exclaimed she was using it and it had actually worked really well for her. 

The science behind this new release is a little ingredient called Filloxane. Apparently this has been proved to penetrate the tiny fibres in your hair, which then expand, leaving your hair looking fuller and thicker! Still not sold? Well, they say this has a long lasting effect, and that is what we all want from a product of this type right?

I used the shampoo, rinsed, then the idea with the thickening booster treatment is you add it to your conditioner before applying it to your hair. Now, it is quite a small tube, and I can't imagine it lasting more than 4-5 washes to be honest. You don't have to use that of course, all the products contain Filloxane, but if you wanted the extra boost, it could get pricey as that costs £5.99 on its own!

I might be incredibly optimistic, or maybe all the hype around this product had gone to my head, but my hair actually felt thicker in the shower while rinsing the conditioner out. It was a little scary how (if) it had worked that quickly. 

I've been using this for a week or so now, and can honestly say I do see some results. Even though I do use other thickening products as well when styling my hair, I think this product has definitely helped. 

All in all, loving this new find and will definitely be continuing with it to see the long term effects. You can buy or see the other products in the range on Boots website here. Anyone else tried this? What's your thoughts?
Thursday, 6 February 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I am constantly trying new products and finding new items that I love, however one thing I never really change is how I take my make up off. I've used Bioderma's Crealine H2O Solution for a while now, and find it most effective and gentlest on my skin.

I decided to have a relaxing retreat in the lakes last week with my mum and disaster struck when I forgot my trusty travel size Bioderma! I had to take my make up off with (dare i say it?) a face wipe! 

Needless to say, Boots was first on the agenda for the next day. I was about to pick up a Nivea remover to just 'see me through the holiday', when I spotted Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. I'd heard a few positive reviews, so jumped at the chance to try it.

It's priced at an incredibly reasonable £4.99 for 400ml in Boots, although I actually saw this for £3.29 in Savers later on that day, doh! Compared to Bioderma which normally costs me around £14 for 500ml, I think this is a great cheap alternative. I also like that this product is much more readily available. I know Bioderma is a little easier to get hold of nowadays since its UK release, but what beats popping in and picking it up from your local Boots or Superdrug?

The solution removed my make up well without irritation, and felt really gentle on my skin. I must admit, I think I use slightly more of this than the Bioderma formula, but at the price difference, I can't grumble. 

So a new find for me! My heart probably still lies with Bioderma, but I will definitely be repurchasing this. Anybody else tried it?
Friday, 24 January 2014

January Glossybox

As January always hits my purse strings hard, this month’s Glossybox was a welcome treat and fed my shopping starvation for a day or so.

This month’s box is entitled ‘Back to Basics’, all about new starts and rejuvenating yourself after the tough Christmas period. Here’s what I got in my box this month.

Yu-Be - Moisturising Skin Cream
The sample of this was quite small, so I was grateful to get a couple in the box to try it out properly.  This moisturiser hails from Japan and promises wonders to revamp tired and rundown skin. I certainly hope it works for me!

Balance Me - Super Toning Body Wash
I am working my way through so many body washes at the moment, and I must admit the initial smell of this doesn’t encourage me to try it straight away. It smells very herbal, which some people are a fan of, whereas I prefer floral scents. I think I’m going to try adding this to my bath for a relaxing silk effect instead.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Floral Slanted Tweezers
I was a little excited to see these even though I don’t use tweezers all that often (my eyebrows are surprisingly tame), but I like the idea of using pretty floral ones when I do. And as these are full size and not a mini version, they make a great addition to the box.

Anatomicals – Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches
These couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I’m feeling extra run down and tired at the moment, so to look bright eyed, bushy tailed and less like the walking dead definitely sounds appealing to me. The name is great as well; Anatomicals quirky image and intelligent branding definitely attracts me to their products.

Vaseline – Essential Moisture Lotion
This isn’t a new product to me, but always a delight to see. I’ve used Vaseline’s moisturisers and other products for years now and can’t knock ‘em. My most recent fave is the Spray & Go moisturiser they released, if you’d like to read my full review, you can do so here

So that's it for this months glossy. What did you all get?
Thursday, 23 January 2014

Soap and Glory Christmas Steal

For the past couple of years Soap and Glory have pipped all other brands to the post when announcing awesome sale items well before Christmas even shows it's festive face!

This year mid December Boots started selling Soap and Glory's Yule Monty gift sets, which were previously retailing at £60, for just £27! You get so many great classic S+G products that this kind of offer cannot be missed.

What's in the box?

Butter Yourself Moisturising Lotion
Sugar Crush Body Wash
The Righteous Body Butter
Hand Food
The Scrub of Your Life
Heel Genius
Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 Cleanser
Thick and Fast Mascara
Extreme Plump Lip gloss

You also get all the goodies in a limited edition Jonathan Saunders bag which I used for travelling over Christmas. I love Soap and Glory, especially their bath and body products. The sugar crush body wash is my shower fave at the moment, it smells so great.

All in all, this is a yearly offer that cannot be missed. Hopefully S+G will bring an equally good bargain out next year, i'll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for it. Will you?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

January Sales Haul

Firstly, I apologise for not blogging so much recently, it's been a really busy few months for me but I am excited to be back, and thought what better way to start the year than with some beauty sales bargains!

I love the January sales, but I’ve normally spent all my money over Christmas, which means I can’t afford to go crazy. My new year’s resolution is to save money especially for the Jan sales next year! You really can’t beat the discounts. Despite being all spent up, I did make a few cheeky purchases which I’ll share with you over a couple of posts. The first few things I purchased were in the Debenhams sale.

bareMinerals - An Affair To Remember Palette

This was my biggest deliberation; I must have removed, and then re-added it to my basket about ten times. I have so many eye shadows and palettes, but I eventually gave in as the colours looked so pretty. When I opened the box and saw that the palette was rose gold I was so glad I'd bought it. This product is packaged really well and feels worth every penny of even it's full price. I picked this up for £17.50, which was half price. Can't wait to try these out properly, the shadows have a really nice variation and pigmentation.

Philosophy - Raspberry Glazed  

I love philosophy’s range of products and especially these do-it-all bottles which you can use as shampoo, shower gel or a bubble bath. They all smell amazing but the raspberry scent is one of my favourites. This was half price at £7, which is such a good discount, so I snapped one up.

Benefit - Whole Lotta Lovin' Set

These benefit sets are great, especially for when you’re travelling as they give you a full make up look in one tiny box. This particular box is a Debenhams exclusive and contains some of my favourite Benefit products, including Hoola bronzing powder, They’re Real mascara and the Boi-ing concealer. This was on offer for 33% off the original RRP at £16.66, I considered it a steal!

Elizabeth Arden - Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream

I actually picked this up for my mum, she has very dry skin and struggles to find creams that work for her. I’m always on the lookout for something new for her to try. I love Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour skincare line and have been wanting to try other products from the brand for a while. Costing just £15 this was my best find yet, 66% off the RRP! I’ll be waiting for the verdict from my mum once she’s tried and tested this, I have high hopes!  

So that's the first few bits I picked up in this years sales after trawling the internet for the best bargains. Did the sales tempt anyone else? More to come soon!

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