Thursday, 28 August 2014

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

I was browsing in Boots this week, picking up some last minute holiday essentials when I saw this new release from Aussie Haircare. They have jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon along with quite a few other brands and brought out a new product in 3 different finishes. I opted for the one entitled Aussome Volume, as you'll probably know by now, I love volume! 

I'd say that for most of us, dry shampoo is that little life saver we don't know how we ever lived without. I always have one in the house, and have a small panic when it runs out and I only have 5 minutes before leaving for work.

This new release is great, and dare I say I prefer it to the famous Batiste? Aussie products are normally far too heavy for my limp fine hair, but this formulation which is designed for such hair types didn't weigh it down at all. Just a couple of sprays left my hair looking freshly washed with plenty of bounce. 

I haven't tried the others from the range so can't speak for all, but this dry shampoo definitely lived up to the promise of providing volume. It also smells fantastic like all the Aussie products do, it reminds me so much of holidays. (I'm so sad the other Aussie products don't work for me!) 

I picked this up on offer in Boots, but I think the usual price of £4.99 might deter me from purchasing this on a regular basis, which is a shame. On the plus side, they do produce a travel version retailing at £2.29 which has been purchased and packed for my holidays. 

I love this Aussie Philosophy
Overall a great product but with a slightly bigger price tag than the popular Batiste, therefore it's going to be a special treat purchase for me. 

Anyone else tried it? What's your thoughts? 

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  1. This looks great besides the price tag! Love Aussie products so will have to give this a shot!

    Polka and Dots



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